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The Private Sector Organization of Jamaica

The Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) plays a pivotal role in elevating the value proposition for its diverse membership, particularly focusing on small and medium enterprises (SMEs). As part of its commitment, the PSOJ actively develops products and services aimed at enhancing the capacity of SMEs. A notable initiative is the establishment of the Small and Medium Enterprise Resource Hub (SME Resource Hub), designed to offer SMEs efficient access to crucial business development and support services, bolstering their organizational capabilities.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive approach, the PSOJ has expanded the scope of the SME Resource Hub. To effectively administer and manage this initiative, the PSOJ is proactively seeking partnerships with the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean, which possesses resource hub capabilities. This collaboration aims to ensure the seamless provision of services within the SME Resource Hub, collectively contributing to the growth and empowerment of small and medium enterprises.

Jamaica Money Market Brokers Limited

At JMMB, the commitment is to provide unwavering support and guidance at every juncture of SMEs' business journey. Anchored in this commitment is JMMB's specialized SME Resource Centre, designed to equip SMEs for seamless access to the comprehensive suite of banking, investment, and insurance brokerage services, complemented by profound business planning expertise.

Within the SME Resource Centre, the focus is on delivering personalized advice tailored to the unique needs of SMEs, propelling their enterprises to new heights. Whether identifying financial opportunities, crafting a professional business plan, structuring financial statements, or navigating business challenges, the extensive network of business partners and resources at JMMB is here to ensure the success of SMEs. JMMB stands ready to empower SMEs for excellence in every aspect of their entrepreneurial journey.


UCC Business Development & Consulting Institute

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Meet UCC BDCI: The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean's Business Development and Consulting Institute, a driving force for innovation and business growth. As a member of the SBDCs Network and participant in the DBJ GEMINI Grant Program, we specialize in capacity building, guiding entrepreneurs to bring innovation to market, and empowering MSMEs for growth and expansion. Join us in shaping a future of entrepreneurial success. At UCC BDCI, our commitment goes beyond conventional boundaries. We not only facilitate connections between the university and the private sector but also actively engage in community outreach, making a positive impact on local businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

As a dedicated Business Development Organization, we leverage our expertise to unlock opportunities and nurture the development of new ventures. Whether you're launching a startup or looking to expand an existing business, UCC BDCI is here to provide the guidance and support needed for your journey towards sustained success.

Breaking New Grounds: PSOJ Joins Forces with JMMB Group and University of the Commonwealth Caribbean to Unveil SME Resource Hub

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Training & Development Services

UCC BDCI's comprehensive training program is tailored to meet the evolving needs of today's entrepreneurs and small business owners. With the surge in interest in entrepreneurship among college students over the last three decades, we understand the importance of providing practical knowledge and tools. Our training covers a spectrum of crucial business areas, from marketing techniques and budgeting to financial analysis and legal considerations. 


Market Research

Our market research services are tailored to provide essential knowledge and uncover valuable data crucial for supporting critical business decisions. By conducting thorough research, we facilitate evidence-based and data-driven decision-making for policymakers in both the private and public sectors. Our commitment to business research goes beyond discovery; it extends to reducing uncertainty and enhancing decision-making outcomes, making it an indispensable tool for small businesses seeking to define competitive challenges, improve practices, establish partnerships, and identify valuable opportunities in an efficient and strategic manner.


Value Edge Accounting Services

ValueEdge, our premier accounting and financial management service, is tailored to meet the specific needs of entrepreneurs and small business operators, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of their business performance and the essential resources required for growth. The service culminates in the provision of end-of-month financial statements, equipping entrepreneurs and business owners with the insights and strategies necessary to achieve their missions and navigate the intricacies of financial management successfully. ValueEdgeTM is not just a service; it's a commitment to facilitating the financial success and sustainability of businesses in today's competitive landscape.


Legal Bloom Registering & Incorporation

UCC BDCI introduces Legal Bloom, an all-encompassing suite of solutions designed to facilitate the seamless transition of MSMEs into the formal sector, making them eligible for a myriad of benefits and services. This innovative service not only simplifies the administrative process required for formalization but also addresses the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and small business operators who lack the knowledge, training, or financial means to navigate legal complexities.


Business Advisory & Consulting Services

At BDCI, our Business Advisory and Consulting Services are designed to catalyze transformative growth for businesses across diverse sectors. Through a meticulous blend of strategic insight and hands-on guidance, our experienced consultants collaborate closely with clients to address challenges, identify opportunities, and optimize operational efficiency. From comprehensive market research and financial analysis to tailored solutions for business development, our services are geared towards empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of the business landscape.



BDCI's mentorship service goes beyond traditional guidance by employing the innovative "Four Challenges" framework. This comprehensive approach identifies and addresses the core pillars essential for building and growing a successful business. The framework meticulously breaks down the organization, operations, customer relations, and business concept, offering entrepreneurs a strategic roadmap to navigate challenges effectively. Through a structured breakdown of the 30-60-90 Days Plan, 360 Screening Tool, and Ambitions/Monitor Status, BDCI's mentorship service ensures a holistic understanding of long-term business challenges.

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